Reignition ✨

A one-day live healing immersion hosted by globally recognised holistic wellness experts, Kate Reardon and Katherine Maslen.


Join us for an exclusive day of holistic healing to reawaken your passion, purpose and potential.

There are times in our life when we hit our stride. Everything flows and passion pours out of us. We feel like a flame has been lit inside of us and life just seems to flow.

But we know firsthand that life doesn't always flow so effortlessly.

There are also times when we may feel anxious, trapped and stuck. And while times like these are also a necessary part of our healing and evolution, there’s no denying that the past couple of years have been particularly intense.

The vast majority of the clients we work with have been experiencing discord with their mental and physical health, a heaviness and constant stress that doesn’t seem to lift in the way that it used to. 

What we know from working with thousands of people on this road is that you CAN change. 

With the right support and guidance, you can refocus and transform this heavy consciousness and joyfully expand into the next stage of your life with renewed energy and passion. 

It’s time to reignite that fire inside of you, connect your intuitive insights and body wisdom to rediscover exactly Who. You. Are.

​​When old patterns are broken, it allows space for new worlds to emerge. Are you ready to say yes to yourself?

Yes to reignition?


When: Sunday 4 June 2023.

Where: High Church, Fortitude Valley

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Meet Your Guides

Fifteen years ago, Kate and Katherine graduated from university together with degrees in Naturopathy. Since then they have touched thousands of lives on their own paths and now have very unique yet complimentary wisdom and experience about what it takes to not only be healthy but to live a thriving vibrant life. 

Kate Reardon is a mother, author, naturopath, nutritionist, intuitive healer and the co-founder of Natural Instinct Wellbeing - an multi award winning wellness retreat center that operates in Bali and Australia. Kate is the author of The Essential Cleanse (foreword written by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York).  Kate records podcasts, teaches and lectures globally, facilitates wellness programs and contributes to both print and online publications.  Kate has helped thousands of people to heal themselves through her healing retreats, 1-1 work and mentorship programs.

Katherine Maslen is a mother, author, naturopath, herbalist and the founder of Shift. She is host of the world renowned docu-series podcast The Shift and the author of the best selling book Get Well, Stay Well and her upcoming book HEALING: The Process. She is the founder of The Shift Clinic, where she has been helping people to heal themselves for over 13 years. Katherine is an international speaker and regular media commentator, being featured in Marie Claire, Wellbeing, Nature and Health Magazines and various radio and TV outlets.

What we want to ask you is…..

Are your dreams being fully realised?

Are you living your life through your highest potential?

Are you waking up every day feeling activated in a way that really turns you on?

Are you living in a physical body that feels vibrant, thriving and energised?

Are you feeling peaceful, calm, clear, motivated, radiant, creative and inspired?


Now is the perfect time to take inventory.  To stop.  To pause.  To heal.  To reignite.










Having an incredibly satisfying life has not so much to do with the outer circumstances as it does with aligning ourselves with the raw truth of who we are. 

Space is what is needed to make this magic happen. We need to give ourselves space in order to dive deep and reconnect the power inside of you. 

On this immersive day, Kate and Katherine are going to hold space for you to find your own magic. To heal what you need to and reignite that fire inside of you. 

A safe and sacred container, time out of the hustle and bustle of your routine where you are guided to peel back those heavy layers and identify what is flowing and what needs shifting within your physical and mental health, your relationships, your emotional state, your purpose, your deep soul connection and all aspects of your life.

Kate and Katherine are here to hold this space just for you. To guide you and support you and encourage you to reignite your passion, purpose and potential.


This is not your average “health” workshop.  

And this is nothing like you would have experienced before.

This healing experience is a deep diving immersion where you are peeling back your own layers and integrating the wisdom that lives inside you on the spot.  

A space where we will be exploring your mind, body and spiritual wellness.

Who would love this workshop?

This experience is for the woman who…
  • Is ready and willing to heal all aspects of herself.
  • Is ready to reawaken her potential.
  • Seeks a deeper spiritual connection with her own intuition.
  • Wants to start living completely in alignment with her soul.
  • Wants to feel vibrancy, energy and sensuality in her body.
  • Knows she needs to release the patterns and behaviours that hold her back.
  • Wants to reignite her inner power and live an abundant life. 

What to expect on the day.

In this healing experience, you can expect:
  • Connect to the wisdome of your intuition.
  • Feel more peace and presence in your day-to-day moments.
  • Maintain stability under stress and pressure.
  • Deepen your capacity for intimacy and relationships.
  • Help you get clear on your roadblocks and how to overcome them.
  • Understand exactly where you are in your own healing journey and the roadmap to move forward.
  • Strengthen your capacity for receiving abundance, love, joy, happiness and clarity.


This is an exclusive, private event. You’ll have time to connect with both Katherine and Kate throughout the day and we promise you’ll walk out a different woman from when you walked in.





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