Making a Mindshift - how to get back to being calm, clear and connected

Hosted by Rebecca Eather - Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist at Shift. 


Your mental and emotional health is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to how you feel and your quality of life, but why are we so disconnected from ourselves?

When this part of us is out of balance, we end up with worry, anxiety, low moods or looping thought patterns that do not serve us. We can be in our own story rather than living our life fully.

When we make a mind shift, we can once again feel calm, clear and connected. We can identify what we're feeling and why, and we can take charge of our lives and be the hero of our own stories.

You can be calm

We talk about the reasons we get distressed, and how we can change the way we react to our world.

Get clarity

When our minds are clear of the constant chatter, we're more productive, clearer on what we need to do and we stop fluffing around. 

Reconnect with yourself

Learn more about how the framework of Mind Shift will guide you through to new resolutions, new inspirations and motivations.


About your host, Rebecca Eather

Rebecca is a Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist at Shift.

She uses positive psychology and clinical hypnosis to help clients tap into their unconscious minds, identify limiting patterns and beliefs to help achieve goals and move towards creative solutions.


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