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Endometriosis Masterclass - Standard

Anyone who has endometriosis knows that it can be very daunting. There’s no known ‘cause’ as such, but there are definitely factors that contribute that we want to take a look at.

This masterclass aims to empower you with knowledge to give your body the best chance at healing your endometriosis. These techniques can help to support other treatments, such as laparoscopic removal or hormone therapy. 

There is lots of research on endometriosis, diet and environmental toxicity and how it relates to this condition. Presented by naturopath, author and host of The Shift podcast Katherine Maslen – here we present the latest science along with practical tips that we give to our endometriosis patients at the Shift clinic.

 In this 2 hour masterclass you’ll discover…

  •   The driving factors behind endometriosis
  •   How oestrogen and other hormones affect the condition
  •   What additional tests can be done to look at underlying drivers (like hormones and environmental exposures)
  •   What foods you want to be avoiding (there’s some important ones)
  •   Which foods to eat to help your endo
  •   How toxins in the environment contribute to the condition (and how to avoid them)
  •   How a natural treatment approach can compliment your medical treatment

 Katherine has helped thousands of patients and has been presenting workshops and masterclasses for 13 years. We guarantee you’ll walk away with something valuable and ready to implement as a result of attending.